China 1842 Medal


Period engraving of HMS PLOVER departing on the search for Sir John Franklin - London Illustrated News


Surveying Vessel. Mercantile 'Bentinck' Purchased 02/1842 survey vessel/cutter. Armament ? Normally ? crew.

Dimensions & tons: 82ft 2in, 64ft +in x 25ft x 14ft 7+in. 213 bm

Fitted for Arctic expedition; sold 24/11/1854 at San Francisco.

Battle Honour China 1842

Eligible Actions & Operations of the Plover for the crew to qualify for the China Medal 1842

a) 26/08/1841 Destruction of batteries and defences surrounding Amoy, and temporary occupation of that town and island, along with its key defensive positions on the Island of Koo-Lang-Soo which were garrisoned.

b) 01/10/1841 Re-occupation of Island of Chusan and the city of Tinghae. (British had withdrawn in February 1841.)

c) 18/05/1842 Joint operations in attacks upon fortified heights surrounding Chapoo, and subsequent capture of that city. Bombardment of seaward defences and capture of fourteen war junks.

d) 21/07/1842 Attack on Chinese entrenched camp. Storming and capture of City of Chin Keang Foo at the entrance of South Grand Canal in the Yang-Tse-Keang.

China Medals 1842 awarded to HMS Plover

Officers - 7 + 0 RM. Crew - 49. Royal Marines - 9. Total - 65

Discharged Dead: Crew - 2. Royal Marines - 1. Total – 3