China 1842 Medal




5th Rate. (Blonde Class 1816) Launched 12/01/1819 at Deptford Dockyard, Armament 46 guns, (16 x 32 pdr carronades, 28 x 18 pdr, 2 x 9 pdrs.)

Dimensions & tons: 155ft, 143ft 2in x 39ft 8in x 13ft 6in. 1103 bm

Enlarged lines of the Euryalus normally with 315 crew. Harbour service 11/1850 and became a receiving ship (and coal depot?) at Portsmouth; temporary hospital ship in 1866 and renamed Calypso in 09/03/1870. Sold 28/02/1895.

Battle Honour China 1839-42

Eligible Actions & Operations of the Blonde for the crew to qualify for the China Medal 1842

a) 12/03/1841 Ship's Boats attack up a narrow and intricate channel on the only remaining fort protecting approaches to Canton at its northern entrance via the Macao passage. The capture of this fort cut the city's last remaining line of communication for daily subsistance supplies.

b) 18/03/1841 Naval capture of forts, defences and junk flotilla off Canton, & hoisting of Union Flag on the walls of the British Factory there.

c) 23-30/05/1841 Joint operations leading to the capture of Canton, & subsequent payment by the Chinese of a six million dollar ransom imposed on them.

d) 26/08/1841 Destruction of batteries and defences surrounding Amoy, and temporary occupation of that town and island, along with its key defensive positions on the Island of Koo-Lang-Soo which were garrisoned.

e) 01/10/1841 Re-occupation of Island of Chusan and the city of Tinghae. (British had withdrawn in February 1841.)

f) 10/03/1842 Spirited repulse of daring Chinese land assault upon Chinghae. Overcoming of Chinese fire-raft and land force attacks on shipping and the city of Ningpo.

g) 18/05/1842 Joint operations in attacks upon fortified heights surrounding Chapoo, and subsequent capture of that city. Bombardment of seaward defences and capture of fourteen war junks.

h) 16/06/1842 Combined forces capture of Woosung and Paonshaw, guarding the entrance of extended water communication, on the river Yang-Tse-Keang, to Kanguan Province.

i) 21/07/1842 Attack on Chinese entrenched camp. Storming and capture of City of Chin Keang Foo at the entrance of South Grand Canal in the Yang-Tse-Keang.

China Medals 1842 awarded to HMS Blonde

Officers - 40 + 4 RM. Crew - 261. Royal Marines - 55. Total - 360

Discharged Dead: Crew - 26. Royal Marines - 5. Total – 31